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Toronto Spinal Injury Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injury?  Contact a Toronto Spinal Injury Lawyer!

Spinal Cord Injury? Contact a Toronto Spinal Injury Lawyer!

Spinal injuries can have devastating consequences. Let Neinstein & Associates’ specialized spinal injury lawyer help you through the disability process.

Spinal cord injuries can be the unfortunate result of a serious motor vehicle collision and it leads to a dramatic change to your livelihood. A spinal injury lawyer can guide you through the necessary steps to recovery and let you focus on the things that matter.

Your spinal cord allows you to control your limbs and how you are affected is dependent on where the spinal cord injury is and the injury’s severity. Spinal cord injuries are classified as either incomplete or complete. An incomplete injury has varying degrees which allows you to have some feeling and you are able to move below the affected area. A complete injury is when you have almost no feeling or ability to control your movement below the injury. Also, spinal cord injuries are labelled based on the location of the paralysis: tetraplegia or quadriplegia refers to when your arms, hands, legs, torso and pelvic area are affected and paraplegia refers to when your legs, torso and pelvic area are affected. Anyone who has experienced head or neck trauma is evaluated for a spinal cord injury. This is a difficult time for many family members and a spinal injury lawyer can be a great help.

When Should I Contact A Spinal Injury Lawyer?

Spinal cord injuries can lead to an inability to move, an inability to feel sensations, such as hot, cold or touch, an inability to control your bowel or bladder and spasms. There may also be an extreme stinging sensation, difficulty breathing or coughing and changes to a person’s sexual function, sensitivity and fertility. Neinstein has over 40 years of dealing with serious personal injuries.  Let our spinal injury lawyer assist you in the healing process.

Currently, there are over 86,000 people in Canada living with a spinal cord injury, according to Spinal Cord Injury Canada. Unfortunately, there are 4,300 new spinal cord injury cases a year. About 51 per cent of spinal cord injuries were the result of an accident. The amount of money needed over someone’s lifetime to take care of a spinal cord injury ranges from $1.6 to $3 million. Our spinal injury lawyer will help you get the benefits you need to focus on healing.

While treatment for spinal cord injuries focuses on preserving a person’s capabilities they still have after a spinal cord injury, there are research initiatives working towards improving mobility after a spinal cord injury. Research has come a long way towards improving a person’s spinal cord injury condition and our spinal injury lawyer can put you in touch with the appropriate experts.

What To Do Next

Neinstein & Associates is among the top Lexpert ranked personal injury law firms in Toronto and members of our legal team are active members of the Ontario Brain Injury Association, the Brain Injury Society of Toronto  and the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto.  Speak with one of our Toronto Spinal Injury Lawyers today.  The phone call is free, but it could cost you if you don’t call.

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