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Accident benefits, or “no-fault” benefits, are available to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who is responsible. At Neinstein & Associates, we can help advance your accident benefit claim while providing you and your family with the guidance and resources necessary to focus on your recovery. Our accident benefits lawyers based in the Toronto region will act as your advocate and trusted advisor in all matters related to personal injury litigation.

Protect Your Entitlement to Car Accident Benefits
  • To file a claim, you must notify your insurance company immediately of the accident (if you do not have an insurance company, notify the insurance company of the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident).
  • You must complete the accident benefit claim application forms (including a form substantiating your income loss which must be completed by your employer and a form substantiating your car accident injuries which must be completed by an authorized health professional, such as an occupational therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist or physician.)
  • If you were self-employed at the time of the accident, for a benefit claim you must be able to substantiate your income and may require the assistance of an accountant.
  • Certain accident benefits claims processes may require you to provide a sworn statement to a representative of the insurance company about the circumstances of the car accident and the injuries you suffered as a result.
Accident Benefit Claim Guidelines
  • Loss of income benefit equal to 70 percent of your gross income from employment, to a maximum of $400.00 per week.
  • The income benefit is payable for two years after the accident if you continue to be substantially unable to perform the essential tasks of your employment. Income benefit will continue to be paid after two years so long as you are suffering, due to your car accident injuries, and have a complete inability to engage in any employment for which you are reasonably suited by education, training or experience.
  • If you were unemployed at the time of the accident, benefit claim practices differ; you are not entitled to any weekly benefit for at least six months. However, if you suffer a complete inability to carry on a normal life after six months, you will become entitled to a minimum non-earner benefit.
  • If you were a care giver at the time of the accident, associated optional benefits beyond the standard allowances may help to support dependent family. If you are unable to carry on your caregiving duties, you may be entitled to receive the reasonable costs of paying for professional care to a maximum of $250 per week plus $50.00 for each additional child.
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses covered by an accident benefit claim are limited to $50,000.00. Should you require assistance with daily activities as a result of the accident, you may also be eligible for attendant care benefits, up to $36,000.00 over two years. When an injury is determined by applicable regulations to be “catastrophic” in nature, medical and rehabilitation costs covered by an accident benefit claim are currently limited to $1,000,000.00; for related attendant care, the same maximum value applies. New coverage amendments announced by the Ontario provincial government have reduced the total maximum allowance for these categories by 50%, to a combined, cumulative total of $1,000,000.00.
  • Death benefits of $25,000.00 are payable to the deceased’s spouse and an additional $10,000.00 to each of the deceased’s dependants.
  • Funeral expenses are paid to a maximum of $6,000.00.
Specializing in Accident Benefit Claims & All Aspects of Personal Injury Litigation

At Neinstein & Associates, our legal team specializes in the areas of accident benefit claims and personal injury law. We can help you decipher the fine print: our accomplished attorneys are well-versed in insurance policy, pertinent legislation, and how to best present your case in order to acquire valuable car accident benefits and the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Securing Accident Benefits for Toronto and Ontario Region Clients for Over 45 Years

Our experience is your advantage. Your Neinstein & Associates personal injury and car accident benefits attorney acts as your reliable, determined advocate in the pursuit of the favourable settlement you deserve. Though many accident benefit claims are resolved outside of the court system, at Neinstein and Associates Our distinguished record of trial success works for you should your case be presented to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario or its successive dispute system, to be established in 2016, for resolution.

Voted amongst the Top 10 boutique personal injury law firms in the country by Canadian Lawyer magazine, Neinstein & Associates is proud to have served the GTA and Ontario community for over 45 years as one of its most highly recommended legal teams for personal injury and accident benefit claims.

Helping You on Your Road to Recovery after a Motor Vehicle Accident

A lawyer at Neinstein & Associates understands that car accident injuries have physical, emotional and financial consequences. Your well-being is always our first priority; in addition to providing necessary legal guidance regarding your accident benefit claim, we offer access to crucial medical and rehabilitative care as well as counseling services for you and your family. Together, we can work to overcome today’s challenges for a brighter tomorrow.

No Fees Until Your Accident Benefit Claim is Successful

We are confident that our proven strategy can assist you in obtaining your proper and rightful accident benefits. Toronto-based and serving all of Ontario, Neinstein & Associates pursues your accident benefit claim at no upfront or hourly cost to you, and there are no fees until your case is successfully resolved.

Contact Neinstein & Associates for a Free, No-Obligation Consultation

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a motor vehicle accident, lawyers at Neinstein & Associates can help. Our multi-lingual team works diligently to procure and protect your car accident benefits at Toronto, Brampton and North Bay offices. Should you be unable to travel due to your injuries, an experienced Neinstein & Associates motor vehicle accident attorney will be pleased to arrange to meet you. Your accident benefit claim can provide the financial means necessary to protect your family and allow you to focus on your recovery.  Don’t wait. Call 1-866-920-4242 toll-free to speak to a qualified personal injury and accident benefit claims lawyer today.

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