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Top-Rated Accident Injury and Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto

Whether you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or suffered from a slip and fall injury, there may be a time when you need experienced personal injury lawyers on your side. But beware, not every accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer is alike.

The personal injury lawyers at Neinstein & Associates have served Toronto and the wider Ontario region for over 45 years, with a long record of proven success assisting clients through serious injuries, accidents and insurance claims. The lawyers at Neinstein & Associates fight to ensure our clients and their families receive the compensation, care and support they deserve. We believe it’s the job of personal injury lawyers to act as your advocate and trusted advisor through the complex legal, medical and insurance issues related to your recovery. As a result of this commitment, our firm has some of the most recommended personal injury lawyers in Toronto and all of Ontario.

Unfortunately, there are many situations where accidents happen and can lead to devastating consequences.

Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyers Helping You In Your Recovery

You are headed home from work and there’s the unfortunate chance you may be involved in a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian-vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or transit accident. The collision may be caused by intoxicated driving, distracted driving, speeding or exhaustion.

You may need to claim disability entitlement from your insurance company as you recover from your injuries. The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on whether the harm done to you is considered to be either a minor or major injury.

An accident lawyer from Neinstein & Associates will hold your hand through the labyrinth of paperwork and documents that need to be filed. First and foremost, our Toronto personal injury lawyers will make sure that you have all the resources you need to heal, whether it’s a long-term or short-term injury, and that you can focus all your energy towards getting better. Neinstein’s accident lawyer will walk you through claiming accident benefits and filing a tort claim, if it’s warranted. Even if you’re responsible for a motor-vehicle accident, Neinstein & Associates’ Ontario personal injury lawyers are still interested in hearing your case.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Getting You The Help You deserve

When you feel a pain in your chest, your immediate response is to visit your doctor. Doctors and nurses strive to give you the best care possible, but sometimes they may mistakenly diagnose you, prescribe you a drug that results in an adverse reaction or forget to remove a surgical sponge that results in an infection. In these cases of medical malpractice or medical negligence, it is within your right to hire personal injury lawyers to help you seek the appropriate compensation for the pain suffered by you or a loved one. It’s the doctor’s responsibility to inform you of any risks involved in any procedures and a medical malpractice lawyer can help you pursue a claim.

Slip and Fall Lawyers here to get You Compensated

During the winter, when the snow falls, it is either the business’, city’s or homeowner’s responsibility to clear the sidewalks so that they’re safe to walk on. Slip and falls on icy sidewalks can result in serious injuries, which could require an individual to take time off work to heal or require surgery to help them recover. But slip and fall injuries extend beyond ice, they also include ensuring workplaces, such as kitchen floors, are free of grease and water puddles. Also, trip and fall injuries are included within this category, which are situations where you could have been hurt from tripping on a gap in a sidewalk or tripping down the stairs due to poor lighting. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers realize that it’s important to feel safe when you’re walking to your destination, whether you’re using paths, sidewalks or walking in a mall. It’s important to contact one of our slip and fall lawyers for assistance if you’ve been hurt in an incident.

Wrongful Death Lawyers Recover The Financial Loss Of Loved Ones

The loss of a loved one is a horrific ordeal for anyone to endure and whether families pursue wrongful death litigation is always a controversial issue among surviving family members. There is no dollar amount that can make up for the death of a cherished family member, but wrongful death litigation can help to cover the costs needed to celebrate a deceased loved one’s life, such as the funeral costs, grief counseling and the loss of financial support. Neinstein & Associates’ Toronto-based personal injury lawyers can help surviving members receive compensation for the loss of financial support, along with the loss of companionship.

Healing from brain or spinal injuries

Sometimes when you’re in a car accident, you walk away with a few bruises or scratches. But there are also the much more severe scenarios where you’ve suffered a brain, spinal or burn injury. While it may take a few weeks for your bones and bruises to heal, there’s a long journey ahead for survivors with more traumatic and long-term injuries. They may need to relearn how to speak, how to move their hands to grip a fork or spoon to feed themselves, or how to walk again. They may be forced to use a wheelchair for the rest of their life, they may have to adjust to being stared at since they’ve been left with permanent disfiguration or they may have to endure multiple surgeries.

Neinstein’s Toronto-based personal injury lawyers will stand beside you and fight for proper compensation, so you and your loved one can focus on getting better. You’ve endured a traumatic experience and you should let us handle the small details, so you can focus on the big picture.

Insurance Disputes Lawyers Provide All The Help You Need

Many people have disability insurance through their corporate work benefits, but there are sad cases where you make a claim and the insurance companies deny you resources to help you recover. Our personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable in interpreting the guidelines set out by insurance companies and we will not charge you unless we have successfully helped you receive the financial resources you need for a successful recovery. If your payments have been denied or delayed, Neinstein & Associates will advocate on your behalf.

Accident Benefit Claim Lawyers advocating for your best interests

When you and your spouse have busy workdays and no one is available to take care of your child, you turn towards a daycare expecting them to keep your child happy and healthy. Unfortunately, there have been some recent cases at unlicensed daycares that have resulted in the tragic death of children within their care. The Government of Ontario has strict guidelines to the number of children, and their ages, that daycares can be responsible for. Your children are your future and if you suspect that your child has been neglected at a daycare, Neinstein & Associates’ personal injury lawyers will pursue the case for you.

Product Liability Lawyers with over 45 years of success

Some products are released onto the market and can cause life-threatening issues. For example, pills may be recalled due to dangerous side effects, vehicles may be recalled by manufacturers for the increased risk of accidents they may cause or products may be recalled due to the possibility of dangerous issues. Defective products can lead to death or serious injury and it’s the manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure that their items are safe before landing in the hands of consumers. It may be daunting to file a claim against a multinational company, but the Toronto-based personal injury lawyers of Neinstein & Associates are up to the challenge and have experience in handling these cases. If a product liability has seriously injured you or a loved one, Neinstein’s lawyers and experts will determine who is responsible and we will stand by you in this case.

Long Term Disability Lawyers Ensure You Are Properly Cared For

Unfortunately, elder abuse is an issue in long-term care facilities. As baby boomers age, many elders and families may look into retirement homes as a place to live out their years. These facilities are supposed to offer a safe haven for seniors so loved ones are assured that they’re looked after and that they’re also not alone and a part of an elderly community. If you believe you or your loved one is enduring negligence or abuse in a nursing home, personal injury lawyers can help you ensure your loved one is receiving the proper care they deserve.

Boating Accident Lawyers helping you navigate through to recovery

The summer is a great time to enjoy the open waters of the lake on a boat. While many people enjoy a good time on the water, the dangers of impaired boating are real.  When people on another boat become intoxicated and cause accidents, which can vary from damage to the boat to the serious injury or even death of a passenger, they are liable for the damage they cause. If a boating accident left you or a loved one seriously injured and it was caused by another person or a mechanical issue with the boat itself, Neinstein & Associates has years of experience as personal injury lawyers in Toronto and the wider region.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Are Here For You

Our legal team provides services in all languages throughout Ontario.  Our Toronto personal injury lawyers specialize in car accidentsslip and fall injuries, accident benefits claims, tort claims, product liability, dog bites, and wrongful death cases.

Gary Neinstein started this firm more than four decades ago. The successful reputation he has built over these years has been carried on by his sons, Greg and Jeff Neinstein. Since then, Neinstein & Associates has grown to include partners such as Rose Leto and Stacy Koumarelas, who have earned exceptional reputations for the work they’ve done on their clients’ behalf.

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact a Neinstein accident lawyer today for a free consultation. If you’re unable to meet our personal injury lawyers in person, we’ll come to you .You will never pay any legal fees until we are successful with your case. This has always been our policy and it’s for this reason that we’ve been successful in the personal injury field for over 40 years.

Use this website for information on our Toronto personal injury lawyers. Take a look around, and then give us a call at 416-920-4242 (or toll free at 1-866-920-4242) to schedule a free consultation. The Toronto personal injury lawyers at Neinstein & Associates serve people throughout the Ontario region and have the experience to get you compensation while easing your recovery process.

 – By Greg Neinstein 

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